Rock 'n' Roll Dance Music from the 70's, 80's, 90's and Beyond

RPM's first band truck circa 1981

In 1981 The RPM Band was signed by California Talent Associates, the premier Talent Agency in Northern California.  With guidance from CTA, RPM worked 250+ shows over the next 3 years.  During that time, the band played nightclubs including Smokey Mountain Saloon, Fargo's, Essex Junction, Keystone Palo Alto, 1st Draft Choice in Lake Tahoe, Joshua's, Berkeley Community Theater and many other venues in Northern California and Nevada. 

During its peak, the band had a large following at local performances with well over 2000 people on its mailing list.  No e-mail blasts back then, you physically mailed flyers to your fan base!

At the end of 1983, the band stopped performing on a regular basis and marriage, kids, jobs and everyday life took over.  The band remained close friends over the years and would occasionally reunite to perform at charity benefits for institutions such as Stanford Children's Hospital.

In 2013, RPM's members decided it was time to play again on a regular basis.  Starting with charity performances, RPM re-united for a  2014 summer schedule and has performed a full schedule of play dates in 2015 and 2016, playing at local night clubs, and outdoor venues such as San Pedro Square Market and Santana Row.  We have recently finished booking our 2017 performance schedule and the 2017 World Tour is now underway.

We would like to thank all of you who have stayed in contact with us over the years and are showing your support by turning out for our performances.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

-- The RPM Band Crew

The RPM Band was co-founded in 1979 by Steve Block and Bill Pickering.  Soon thereafter John Silva, Bob Moya and finally Mark Hanson joined up to form the nucleus of RPM.  Steve Cardinale on sound, Dave Severson on lights and Chris Stearns managing the stage rounded out the band. 

The RPM Story