Colby Hanson -- Sound Engineer, Stage Manager, Lighting Engineer, Photographer


Colby is our Sound Engineer, Stage Manager and Lighting Engineer.  During load in, Colby directs stage setup and lighting placement.  During our performances he controls our sound mix and operates the light board and special effects, providing the right lighting that adds the theatrical element that separates RPM's performances from the rest.

Mark Hanson -- Lead & Harmony Vocals, Keyboards


Mark is one of the main vocalists in RPM.  You will find him singing many of those tough 2nd parts to our songs while providing the many keyboard layers that RPM songs are known for.  Mark's high energy showmanship combined with his talented keyboard playing are a huge part of the RPM experience.

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Steve Block -- Lead & Harmony Vocals, Bass Guitar


Steve doubles as the emcee of the band.  He is the voice of RPM at our performances and his bass lines provide the groove that you dance to.  When it comes time to set the pace of the evening, Steve is the conductor of the band and the performance.  He keeps the floor packed, the band rockin', the crowd singing and our events on schedule.

Rock 'n' Roll Dance Music from the 70's, 80's, 90's and Beyond

Bob Moya -- Lead & Harmony Vocals, Drums & Percussion


Bob's drumbeat is the backbone of RPM.  Whether playing a hard rock song, a be-bop dance tune or slowing it down for a pretty ballad, Bob provides the meter by which RPM plays to.  It's all about groove when you are having a great time dancing and listening to music and Bob's superior musicianship is what sets such a high standard for RPM.

Steve Cardinale -- Sound Engineer, Keyboards


Steve is our Lead Sound Engineer, and is the "George Martin" of RPM.  He has total control of Front of House and stage volumes and works with our clients to provide the sound mix they desire.  Steve defines "The RPM Sound".  An accomplished musician in his own right, Steve will occasionally join RPM on stage, providing keyboards on more intricate songs.  Steve has continued his passion for music and sound as a R&D Engineering Manager at Roku.

Dave Severson -- Lighting Engineer


Dave was our first Lighting Engineer and our backup drummer.  He was also the Writer, Producer and Director of RPM's first video in 1982.  Dave has taken his video production skills and made them his life's work, starting out as photojournalist and later becoming a news cameraman and segment producer at several television stations.  These days Dave is the Co-President and General Manager of Screaming Flea Productions, one the country's leading producers of non-fiction televison.

John Silva -- Lead & Harmony Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars


John is one of RPM's main lead vocalists and main lead guitarist.  His soulful, powerful voice and wonderful range of harmonies is balanced by his soaring lead and rhythm guitar work.  Many songs in the RPM song catalog have "signature' guitar riffs performed by world class musicians.  John performs these musical pieces with ease and adds his own style to the mix.

Chris Stearns -- Stage Manager and Pyrotechnics


Chris was our stage manager and pyrotechnics expert during our 1979 - 1983 tours.  He also doubled as the fog machine tech and drove the motorhome. 

Bill Pickering -- Lead & Harmony Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Mandolin, Keyboards, Harmonica


Bill is a versatile performer, adding in many parts that you just don't hear with smaller instrumental bands.  With Bill playing keyboards along with guitars, the RPM sound is rich and full, opening up the RPM song list to include many popular songs that most bands do not play. 

Retired RPM Family Members

The RPM Band


Founded: 1979

Headquarters:  Campbell, CA

Areas of expertise:  Entertainment